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Chief James Craig Launches Write-In Republican Campaign for August 2nd Primary Election


DETROIT, MICHIGAN — Chief James Craig has filed as a write-in Republican candidate for the upcoming August 2nd Primary Election. Chief Craig is in it to win it! The outpouring of support and words of encouragement have truly been amazing. We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to send us letters, emails and messages in support of a write-in candidacy to unseat Gretchen Whitmer.

Chief Craig is a proven leader and a dedicated public servant with 44 years in law enforcement. He has handled countless life and death emergencies through his years in law enforcement affecting the well being and safety of citizens.

Chief Craig is the only candidate that has managed a $321 million dollar municipal police department budget, brought diverse groups of people together and kept the peace in Detroit during the summer of 2020.

Our state is in a crisis. Inflation is through the roof, families are struggling to make ends meet and schools are failing to teach our children to read by the third grade.

Chief Craig is committed to making Michigan a top 10 state, ensuring our communities are safe and parents have a voice in their children’s education system.

Now is the time that we need your help to spread the word to your family, friends and associates to write-in James Craig on the August 2nd Primary Election ballot.

We have the opportunity to make history by unseating Gov. Whitmer and electing Chief Craig as the next Governor of Michigan through a write-in campaign.

Write in “James Craig” on the primary election ballot!

Instructions for Writing in James Craig on the
August 2nd Primary Election Ballot

Chief James Craig is running as a Republican write-in candidate for the August 2nd Primary Election. Here are instructions to correctly write-in James Craig on the ballot as it’s a three-step process:

You must only vote under the Republican Party section on the primary ballot. If you split your vote between parties, your ballot is spoiled.

Under the Republican Party Section, Governor, completely fill in the oval using a pen next to the write-in line. Do not use a check mark or an X as the vote tabulator will not count the ballot.

Next to the oval, write in “James Craig” on the write-in line.

Let’s come together and make the impossible the possible!

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