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Chief James Craig Responds to Gov. Whitmer’s State of the State Address


“Tonight, Gov. Whitmer delivered the same thing she has for the past three years—empty promises. As I’ve traveled our state, I’ve heard from so many Michiganders that are tired of politicians who can’t deliver results. Gov. Whitmer ran on fixing the damn roads and she hasn’t fixed a damn thing in Lansing. In fact, she’s made it worse.

  • The overall condition of Michigan roads has declined under Whitmer.
  • Residents in Benton Harbor and Hamtramck know firsthand that Whitmer has failed on her promise to deliver clean water.
  • Our schools are failing to teach our kids how to read but have time to indoctrinate them with curriculum like Critical Race Theory.
  • Public safety has declined since Whitmer supported the “spirit of defunding the police,” and remains silent as certain prosecutors choose not to hold criminals accountable.
  • Michigan’s unemployment system (via UIA) was defrauded and lost over $8 billion.
  • Whitmer’s UIA director resigned with a payout and confidentiality agreement, demonstrating a stunning lack of transparency. Michiganders deserve to know what happened and why the director was paid to keep quiet.
  • Whitmer’s COVID-19 restrictions crippled businesses and put hundreds of thousands of people out of work.
  • Whitmer’s administration willfully undercounted long term care deaths attributable to the pandemic.

Gov. Whitmer demonstrated tonight that she is not equipped to effectively lead our state. She’s shown zero sense of urgency toward the problems facing Michigan. As your governor, I will solve problems and provide transparency for everyone in Michigan.”

-Chief James Craig

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