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Hillsdale Mayor Adam Stockford Endorses Chief James Craig for Governor


Hillsdale Mayor Adam Stockford Endorses Chief James Craig for Governor

MICHIGAN—Hillsdale Mayor Adam Stockford endorsed Chief James Craig for governor, calling him a public servant and not a politician.

“I’m supporting Chief Craig because he’s representative of Michigan’s finest. Every community he has served, he’s left a better place than when he came, and I have no doubt he’ll do the same for Michigan,” Mayor Adam Stockford said. “He’s not a politician, but rather a lifelong public servant, and that’s the change we need”

Stockford has served as Mayor of Hillsdale since 2017 after serving his community as a city councilman, representing the first ward of the city of Hillsdale. Under Stockford’s leadership, Hillsdale has done more infrastructure repair than any other city in Michigan per capita. In 2020, Stockford was the first Mayor in Michigan to oppose COVID restrictions and boldly told his city businesses to open in defiance of Governor Whitmer’s unconstitutional orders. He is up for re-election in 2022.”

“I am humbled by the support of Mayor Stockford and I look forward to working with him to serve the people of Hillsdale and the surrounding region as Michigan’s next governor,” said Chief James Craig. “I am grateful for the confidence of the mayor as we fight to take our state back.”

Support from voters, community and business leaders continues to grow behind Chief Craig and his campaign for governor. Recent polling shows Craig with a wide lead in the GOP Primary and neck-and-neck versus Whitmer in a general.

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