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Chief James Craig is running for Governor of Michigan and bringing his message to areas that haven’t traditionally voted Republican.

He has a strong message of self reliance that emphasizes that a hand up is better than a government handout, and nothing can replace the boost of self confidence that comes from hard work.


Confidence in Our Election System is Paramount to Protecting Democracy

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We need to bring our state back by leading from the front, there’s not much of that going on today.

Chief James Craig

He grew up right here in Detroit during the ’67 riots, watching tanks rolling down these streets. He was with the Los Angeles Police Department when the Rodney King riots happened. The police retreated, and let their city burn.

After serving as Chief of Police in Cincinnati, OH and Portland, ME, he came home to run the Detroit Police Department. The city needed help.

Chief Craig started with Colony Arms – the epicenter of crime in Detroit. He made it an example. The police department mounted an assault. Twenty to thirty arrests later, they cleaned it up. It showed that the police force was back in Detroit and that we never again would allow criminals to rule our city.

Chief Craig was the first in that day, leading from the front. Since he’s been Chief of Police in Detroit, the police have never retreated.

That’s what leadership looks like. Now, the Chief is running for Governor of Michigan. And he’s ready to lead from the front again.