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Where the Chief Stands

Law Enforcement

Chief James Craig spent 44 years in law enforcement, including the last 12 as chief of police in three distinct cities across America. The Chief understands the importance of public safety and has a successful record of reforming from within and building relationships between his officers and the community. The Chief will reign in rogue prosecutors, protect qualified immunity, and support law enforcement so that they have the resources necessary to keep our communities safe.


Chief James Craig will empower the actual stakeholders when it comes to education, parents and their children. The Chief will always put parents and students ahead of union bosses and unelected bureaucrats in Lansing. The Chief will set a goal to ensure every Michigan child is able to read by the third grade, with the mantra, “If you can learn to read, you can read to learn beyond the third grade.”


Chief James Craig will create a regulatory environment that allows good paying jobs to flourish. The Chief will strive to attract companies from around the world by making Michigan the best place in the world to work, live, and start a family and business. The Chief recognizes how Gov. Whitmer’s irresponsible and incoherent pandemic response destroyed lives and livelihoods, and he won’t put political science ahead of the actual science.


Chief James Craig understands the importance of strong and secure infrastructure across Michigan. Whether it’s our crumbling roads or antiquated water systems, we must take steps to actually enhance infrastructure. Gov. Whitmer promised to fix the damn roads and hasn’t fixed a damn thing. I’ll fix Lansing and give power back to the people.

Line 5

Chief James Craig supports a tunnel project to ensure Michiganders have the access they need to critical energy sources while also protecting Michigan’s environment and the Great Lakes. Shutting down Line 5 will drive up energy prices at a time when Americans are paying more than ever.

Shutting down Line 5 will result in:

  • $3 billion in lost economic activity
  • 7,000 jobs lost
  • $464 million in lost income
  • $56 million lost in state revenue
  • Massive loss to local schools, government, police, EMS


Chief James Craig understands that agriculture is the second largest industry in the state, with an $104.7 billion economic impact. From cherries, to dairy farming, to potatoes, Michigan is the second most product-diverse state in the US. The Chief will support family farms and agriculture production facilities across the state by reducing the regulatory burden and ensuring Michigan farmers can thrive. The Chief will be a strong partner with the agriculture industry and key stakeholders, and he’ll eliminate regulations and burdensome red-tape.

Second Amendment

Law-abiding citizens protecting themselves leads to less crime, something Chief Craig learned throughout his long career in law enforcement. Chief Craig unapologetically supports the Second Amendment and is proud to be featured on the cover of NRA magazine twice.


Chief James Craig is unapologetically pro-life and oppose efforts to provide abortion-on-demand.

Make Your Voice Heard

Chief James Craig wants to hear directly from you – the people – about how state government can work for Michigan. Stay tuned: The Chief will be rolling out his major policy packages in-person at campaign events.

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How can the state show support for law enforcement?

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